Saturday, November 7, 2020

Vehicles Explore!

This week in Explore we have been learning about Mode of transport and Vehicles! We have had a lot of fun pretending to drive our own cars, flying airplanes, making models of different vehicles to transport people and goods from one place to another, creating cities and testing ramps and hotwheels. We also discussed how to stay safe around the roads and driveways. The Piako Tahi kids, have been working on problem solving, taking turns and coping with failure as key competencies.

                               Check out some of the activities from our Explore week:

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Plants Explore

For the last two weeks our amazing class decided to learn about plants.
We planted different seeds and we saw them grow. It was very interesting to identify the parts of the plants and we discussed what they need to be healthy. 
We observed native trees in our school grounds and we learned how to look after our environment. We were very busy going on a scavenger hunt, using magnifying glasses to look at roots and leaves, making shelters to survive in the forest and using our imagination to create flowers with amazing characteristics. 
What a fun Explore!😀
Aile and Tanya making their plant book 

Seth and Zac P were looking at the leaves from an avocado tree.

Teytan enjoyed planting the mini garden seeds

We loved planting lentils and chickpeas seeds using different techniques

Super fun making a shelter in the forest

What a fantastic tree Cooper!

Noah used his engineering knowledge to create a fantastic machine to grow plants 

Semi was very interested in learning the story of Rātā and Tāne Mahuta.

Tane always likes to explore the activities available at the maths table.

Austin was very busy cutting out the pōhutukawa tree and the different animals that live around it.

Mackenzie created this beautiful flower using different materials.

Smart Moves

 Look at us enjoying 'Smart Moves' in the hall. 

Here we are having fun practicing different activities that help us to develop our motor skills, coordination, spacial awareness, following instructions, etc. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Minibeasts Explore!

 This week in Explore we were learning about Minibeasts! We have learned that Minibeasts are insects or bugs. We have talked lots about which ones had legs and how many, parts of the body, if they are invertebrates and where they live. 

We have been focusing lots on being curious and to ask a lot of questions. We have also worked hard to include others in the different activities, being aware of our new friends from the Rocket Room. 

Check out some photos of us during the week, designing our own Minibeasts, matching games, learning about different habitats and naming body parts:


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Imagination Explore!

 This week we have been practising using our imagination during Explore Time. We know that if we know how to use our imagination, we can never be bored! We know that using your imagination is about using your mind to create something that is not real or pretend. We had some really cool big boxes and fun cardboard to use (Thanks Felix and family!) so we practised sharing this week to make sure we all got a turn with the equipment. 

We had so much fun using our imaginations, check out some of what we got up to!

Semi gave us his best serious 'Army Man' face when he was pretending he worked in the army. 

Logan W used 2 tubes to create this awesome telescope to see the stars!

Enzo was a spy and Zac P decided he was going to pretend to be a tree! 

Levi and Tane LOVED playing cowboys together!

They had so much fun acting like cowboys and pretending they lived in the Wild Wild West! 

Courtney used her imagination to pretend she was a Mum - she did a great job of looking after her new baby!

Felix, Toby and Cameron worked together to build this very detailed pirate ship 

Avery used his imagination to pretend he was an alien with antenna - he even made some antenna to wear! 

Scarlett loved pretending she was a librarian reading books to children

Ethan, Ruby and Ella were all having an adventure on their 'pirate ship'!

Courtney and Hudson made excellent spies

Felix was searching for some land!

Mia used her binoculars to search for things from her ship

Alyssa and Aria had great fun pretending they had wooden arms!