Sunday, February 16, 2020

Dinosaur Explore

This week was our first week in Explore and we had so much fun learning about dinosaurs!
We learnt about the difference between herbivores and carnivores, how big some dinosaurs used to be and how dinosaurs skeletons are found and put back together. Our focus this week was on sharing with our friends and working together. 
Check out some of our awesome work!

Koni-Leigh built a dinosaur hospital so she could look after sick and hurt dinosaurs

Luca W made a dinosaur that was like a triceratops but only had 1 horn

Semi, Mila and Miwa worked together to try and put the dinosaur skeleton back together

Mackenzie was the first one to finish the build your own dinosaur skeleton and then help others to finish as well

Logan and Jayjay working together to measure a full size triceratops footprint! 

Shelby decided it was 5 and a bit of his foot long

Ethan and Logan made a habitat for their dinosaurs with an imaginary roof so they would be safe from the meteor 

Aurora worked for 3 days to complete the herbivore or carnivore activity

Courtney drew her own picture of dinosaurs which included a T-rex, an Argentinosaurs and a pterodactyl! 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Welcome To Piako Tahi 2020!

We have had a great time getting to know all of our new friends in Piako Tahi this week! We have been very busy setting up routines for the year and learning our Must Do's and Can Do's for Reading and Writing. Mrs Hobbs, Mr Pike and Mrs Chaves love to see how enthusiastic we all are about learning!
Swimming has been our FAVOURITE thing to do in this hot weather! 

Check out some pictures of us in action below:

We love swimming in the school pool! 

Shelby and Logan were Experts at their 'lightning bolt' activities during Reading Must Do's

The 'lightning bolts' group was working together nicely to make words with the sticky balls

Ruby did such a great job at building letters!

Ayla loved being able to make music with one of Mr Pike's guitars

Charlie and Tane shared creative ideas and worked together to build a giant marble track during Piako Time