Saturday, June 27, 2020

Matariki Explore!

This week in Explore we have been learning about Matariki. We shared a lot of stories about the seven stars of Matariki. We visited Te Papa from our TV and learned how to find the Matariki cluster in the sky. Matariki provides an opportunity for our students in Piako Tahi to explore the values of diversity, community and participation, and respect for self and others.
Have a look at some of the activities from Explore this week!

Kupa was very busy matching stars and numbers in Te Reo.

Te Huriwai was practicing her writing skills learning the names of the seven stars of Matariki.

Whai (String games) were very popular. Well done Iris, Elijah, Ella, Nina and Charlotte!

Making kites was the kids favourite activity. Charlie, Kenta, Zach T, Avery, Caleb, Courtney and Koni-Leigh had a great time, as you can see!

Toby and Ethan spent a lot of time together planing and making a waka that follows the Matariki stars to navigate.

 Teytan, Maui, Shelby, Ryan and Amanda were learning to weave stars using wool and rubber bands. Great activity to practice our fine motor skills!

Some kids were writing kind messages to their families, teachers and friends. Good job Levi, Aurora, Darcie and Hugo!. Lucky Mr Pike, he had a lot of beautiful messages! 

 Our addition worksheet was not easy, but we have Tane, Zach M and Logan W doing some serious thinking to count all the stars.

  Check out Mila, Luca B and Mackenzie creativity with these beautiful stars. Well done girls! 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Friday Superstars!

On Friday during Hui Whanau we were able to celebrate some more children who have been making great choices in Piako Tahi. We can earn a certificate by working really hard in our learning, sharing and being kind to others, being an excellent Self Manager and so many more great reasons! 

Check out this weeks superstars! 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Countries Explore!

This week in Explore we have been learning about Countries! Our community is culturally rich and we have a lot of families from different countries. They use different languages at home and their traditions are diverse. So it has been very interesting for the kids to know each other a bit better, exploring and learning about countries and cultures that are part of our community. The Piako Tahi kids, have been working on valuing diversity as a key competency, feeling positive to celebrate the differences between members of our community. 

                               Check out some of the activities from our Explore week:

Our international chefs created yummy pizzas from Italy and tacos from Mexico. Well done Luca B, Sophie, Ava, Tanya, Hugo and Levi! 

Shelby, Sophie and Zach M showed us how to use chop sticks to eat our pretend meatballs and noodles.

Miwa, Darcie and Jack decided to make and decorate fans from Spain.

Zach T, Elijah, Courtney, Zac P, Logan W and Hudson were very busy looking for different animals around the world.

Te Huriwai, Milana, Madison and Logan P were exploring flags from different countries.

Fantastic work Nina, Caleb, Cameron and Tane creating famous landmarks. 

Aurora and Chalotte enjoyed making passports to travel around the world.

Mackenzie and Charlie were checking the atlas to learn and find information about continents.